NURS 6501 Week 5 Module 3: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders

NURS 6501 Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders Nursing Assignment Writing Help

NURS 6501 Week 5 Module 3: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders

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What’s Happening to this Module?

Module 3: NURS 6501 Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders is a 1-week module, Week 5 of the course. In this module, you will examine fundamental concepts of diseases and disorders that impact gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary systems. You will also evaluate the impact of patient characteristics, including racial and ethnic variables, on physiological functioning within these systems

The assignment:

Patients of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disorders often face life-altering changes, including changes to diet, new treatment regimens, and more. For some disorders, treatments can include surgery.
Gastrointestinal conditions, such as ulcers, diverticulitis, and pancreatitis, often cause varying levels of pain and discomfort. Hepatobiliary conditions can also bring significant changes to patient routines and well-being.
This week, you examine fundamental concepts of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disorders. You explore common disorders in these categories, and you apply the key terms and concepts that help communicate the pathophysiological nature of these issues to patients.

Learning Objectives

Students will:
⦁ Analyze concepts and principles of pathophysiology across the life span

Knowledge Check: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders

In this exercise, you will complete a 10- to 20-essay type question Knowledge Check to gauge your understanding of this module’s content.

Possible topics covered in this Knowledge Check include:
⦁ Ulcers
⦁ Hepatitis markers
⦁ After HP shots
⦁ Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
⦁ Pancreatitis
⦁ Liver failure—acute and chronic
⦁ Gall bladder disease
⦁ Inflammatory bowel disease
⦁ Diverticulitis
⦁ Jaundice
⦁ Bilirubin
⦁ Gastrointestinal bleed – upper and lower
⦁ Hepatic encephalopathy
⦁ Intra-abdominal infections (e.g., appendicitis)
⦁ Renal blood flow
⦁ Glomerular filtration rate
⦁ Kidney stones
⦁ Infections – urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis
⦁ Acute kidney injury
⦁ Renal failure – acute and chronic

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