The Top 100 Common Nursing Research Topics 

The Top 100 Common Nursing Research Topics

The Top 100 Common Nursing Research Topics

Many students find that deciding on the most appropriate nursing research subjects to pursue is a significant obstacle. The reason for this is that they want to select nursing topics that are current, fascinating, and capable of being researched. In essence, it is the responsibility of the students to select appropriate subjects in order to win the approval of their tutors and achieve high grades. However, this is not an easy task to complete given the extensive scope of the nursing study subject. However, students can still choose nursing subjects that will be easy for them to research and write about, and they can still impress their instructors with the papers or essays that they produce on those topics.

How to Select Subjects/Topics for Your Nursing Research

If you are having trouble selecting a topic for your nursing essay or nursing term paper, use the following guidelines to help you make the best possible selection.

• Carry out some preliminary investigative work.

• Engage in some creative thinking by coming up with potential topics for your nursing research paper or essay.

• Take into account the things that interest you, but make sure that what you have to say is relevant to what you’ve studied in school.

• Underline the most important phrases and keywords that need to be incorporated into your report or essay.

• Before you choose your topic, you should discuss it with your instructor.

• Make contact with experts who can assist you with your nursing homework

The internet is an excellent resource for nursing students looking for research subjects to pursue. The following is a list of potential subjects for you to think about writing about in your paper or essay.

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Top 20 Research Subjects/Topics for Pediatric Nurses to Investigate

Are you currently enrolled in a program that will allow you to become a doctor in the future? In this instance, you will require excellent subjects for your nursing research paper. The following are some of the most interesting and relevant nursing paper topics that can be considered for this area.

1. The reasons for and treatments for ADH

2. Improvements to the neo-natal ward that are able to assist babies as well as young moms

3. treatment for children and adolescents suffering from malnutrition

4. Struggling with the fact that the overall survival rate for pediatric cancer patients is poor

5. Ways to protect children from getting hurt

6. What factors contribute to the death of children?

7. What kind of influence can a good diet have on a child’s overall health?

8. Preventative measures to take in order to eliminate the possibility of intestinal parasites

9. The development of chronic conditions in youngsters

10. Treatment options for children who suffer from constipation

11. How to handle children who have been dangerously close to drowning

12. What is the leading cause of death among children in the United States?

13. How has the care given to newborns in the neonatal period changed over the past half-century?

14. What are some of the most effective methods for treating malnutrition in children?

15. Are the precautions that are currently taken to prevent injuries to newborns during labor effective?

16. What are the most important ethical considerations in pediatric care?

17. In order to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity, what preventative measures should be taken?

18. If the existing solutions to the problem of childhood obesity aren’t working, what’s the problem?

19. What are some of the causes of seizures in children?

20. Conduct research on the development of antibiotic resistance in youngsters

This category contains some of the most insightful discussions around evidence-based nursing practice. This is due to the fact that producing essays and articles regarding some aspects of nursing requires the participation of a working nurse.

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The Top 20 Research Topics in Nursing Based on Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is an essential component of contemporary medical theory. This is a method of medical practice that is founded on reliable research. It satisfies the most stringent requirements for both quality and safety. Therefore, nursing topics that are focused on evidence-based practice are some of the best possibilities to take into consideration. The following are some of the most compelling evidence-based nursing topics to think about.

1. Is it possible for evidence-based nursing to improve the quality of care?

2. From the standpoint of evidence-based practice, how should palliative care be provided to patients who are hospitalized in the United States?

3. How to accommodate individual patient preferences using nursing practices supported by evidence

4. What are the ramifications that the evidence-based nursing theoretical foundations have in terms of practice?

5. Evaluate the evidence that supports the mandates for continuing professional development in nursing education and do a literature review.

6. In the process of delivering nursing care, how does the use of evidence-based practice contribute to the technique of treatment selection?

7. Senior registered nurses and the attitudes they have toward the implementation of evidence-based practice in nursing care

8. What is the connection between high-quality nursing education and professional achievement in the nursing field?

9. The implications of using an evidence-based approach in the process of recruiting and screening nursing personnel

10. Nursing care for impaired patients in inpatient facilities that are based on evidence

11. The application of practices supported by scientific evidence in the delivery of mental health nursing care

12. The reasons why evidence-based nursing is a method that is strongly recommended

13. Provide an explanation of evidence-based nursing practices by situating them within their historical context.

14. Conduct an investigation into the gaps that exist between current nursing practice and evidence-based nursing practice.

15. What are the most difficult obstacles to overcome when putting evidence-based nursing practice into action?

16. What are the views of the nursing staff regarding the implementation of evidence-based practice?

17. In what ways may nursing care that is based on evidence be provided through social media?

18. In the context of the practice of evidence-based nursing care, how may the concept of safety be defined?

19. Apply an evidence-based strategy to a real-world problem and conduct an analysis of it

20. If a nurse wants to take care of themselves, how can they apply evidence-based practice?

Additionally, some of the most compelling topics for nursing capstone projects can be found in this category. In spite of this, a substantial amount of research needs to be carried out to collect information that is pertinent to any of these subjects.

The Top 100 Common Nursing Research Topics

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The Top 20 Nursing Topics Related to Pain Management

In the realm of nursing, pain management is often a good place to look for interesting new ideas. If you’re looking for more than simply good nursing research topics, here are some of the best ideas to consider taking into consideration.

1. A detailed investigation on the treatment of hemophilia discomfort

2. Conduct an investigation of how medical professionals interpret fetal distress

3. Is there evidence that the use of cognitive hypnotherapy as a pain treatment technique is effective?

4. What are some of the most effective methods of pain treatment for pregnant women?

5. Please describe the most effective alternatives to long-term pain therapy.

6. Evaluate the effectiveness of Benson’s relaxation therapy in the treatment of pain

7. What are the most common types of pain disorders that might develop as a result of inadequate treatment of acute pain?

8. A comprehensive investigation into the post-hospitalization pain-control methods

9. Have a conversation on the most effective pain management techniques for children who have diseases that are terminal.

10. Conduct research on the effectiveness of non-pharmacological techniques in relieving pain in adolescents

11. When it comes to the treatment of pain, what kinds of choices do people who have fibromyalgia have?

12. How may the methods use to evaluate pain be improved, and what kinds of improvements are possible?

13. Which method of postoperative pain treatment is considered to be the most effective?

14. Please explain how the responsibilities of a nurse have evolved in relation to the management of pain.

15. Creative approaches to the treatment and prevention of pain in patients with chronic illnesses

16. Discuss the most important interventions in palliative care and end-of-life care.

17. Engage in a discussion regarding experimental and conceptual approaches to the evaluation of pain

18. How beneficial is the use of cold therapy in the treatment of pain?

19. Engage in a discussion on the moral questions raised by the treatment of pain.

20. What progress have nurses made in the treatment of children’s painful conditions?

This section contains some of the most interesting and relevant nursing research topics. This is due to the growing number of people who experience persistent pain in their lives. As a result of this, the healthcare industry is searching for new approaches to improve the prevention and management of pain. As a result, this category has the potential to contain some of the most effective nursing quality improvement issues.

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The Top 20 Discussions on Ethical Issues in Nursing

The nursing profession places a significant emphasis on discussions of ethics. Therefore, ethical issues in nursing might be the subject of excellent articles and essays if an adequate study is conducted on the subject. As a result of the fact that individuals’ perspectives on ethical concerns can vary widely, this subcategory can also contain some of the most contentious ethical topics in nursing. The following are a few of the most interesting topics in this category.

1. The individual characteristics of a nurse

2. Is it appropriate for a nurse to enter into a contractual relationship with the person they are caring for?

3. Would you say that ethics plays a significant role in a nursing foundation?

4. When can a nurse decline offer care?

5. Ethical concerns that lead nurses to leave their jobs

6. Is it appropriate for a nurse to address ethical issues with his or her family?

7. What are the most significant ethical challenges that nurses confront today?

8. How significant is the importance of selflessness in the nursing profession?

9. In what ways can the provision of social care help to define the social responsibility of nurses?

10. Is it possible to determine the function that nurses play in serving as providers of psychological counseling to those who require social care?

11. Does the provision of social care in the healthcare industry for those who are disadvantaged and in need fit under the purview of nursing ethics?

12. In a circumstance in which a nurse’s professional rights are being violated, is it appropriate for the nurse to give consideration to nursing ethics?

13. Describe the ways in which nurses can protect and safeguard the human rights of their patients by sticking to their professional ethics.

14. In what way can the nurses’ human rights be considered an ethical issue?

15. Is it sometimes challenging to strike a balance between the ethical principles of nursing and the protection of human rights?

16. Discuss the essential considerations that a nurse ought to keep in mind when engaging in the exercise of their human rights.

17. What makes a nurse’s human rights unique in comparison to those of other individuals

18. What measures may a nurse use to reassure patients that their stay in the hospital will not be uncomfortable?

19. What factors should be considered when evaluating the level of care that a nurse provides to ensure the health of her patients?

20. Why is it that doctors sometimes view nurses as less than dignified?

Take a look at some of these suggestions if you’re interested in ethical or contentious nursing topics. Nevertheless, in order to produce sound articles, you need to spend sufficient time conducting research on the subject you have picked.

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The Top 20 Nursing Research Paper Topics Related to Elderly Care

Perhaps you are interested in conducting research for a paper on how to best care for older people. In that case, you might want to think about the subjects for nursing research papers that are listed in this category.

1. Methods to reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in older persons

2. Preventing Parkinson’s disease in older people by taking precautions

3. The provision of life-sustaining care – What are the prerequisites?

4. Conditions that affect the joints and how to avoid getting them

5. The explanation of restless legs syndrome

6. An examination for atrial fibrillation

7. Tips to avoid having a stroke

8. What forms the basis of the treatment for osteoarthritis in senior patients?

9. Signs and treatments for age-related hearing loss, which is associated with getting older

10. The reasons for, methods for preventing, and methods of treating malnutrition in senior individuals

11. Please provide a description of a routine that consists of light exercises that will avoid bone fractures and falls.

12. The benefits of individualized care for elderly patients

13. In the management of older patients, which characteristics of diabetes are considered to be the most important?

14. How to properly manage and prepare for the departure of geriatric patients

15. How to recognize and thwart potential suicide attempts made by elderly patients

16. How to make a terminally ill patient’s final days as comfortable as possible in their remaining time

17. In what ways may the application of technology improve the delivery of medical care to elderly patients?

18. If an old person refuses to take their prescription, what steps should be taken next?

19. What are some signs that an older person is being mistreated?

20. Why do some elderly individuals get stubborn as they get older?

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