Top 10 Nursing Topics Dominating Headlines in 2021 Essay

An essay sample about Top 10 Nursing Topics Dominating Headlines in 2021

Top 10 Nursing Topics Dominating Headlines in 2021


What are the biggest issues facing nurses today?

What are the latest trends in nursing?

What are the challenges facing nurses in the 21st century?

What are some debated topics in nursing?

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Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare sector which communicates the need to curb the global shortage of nurses. The fact that the healthcare landscape is dynamic communicates the need by nurses and their leaders to be attentive to trends that define the industry as it will enable them to cope and remain relevant. This paper will look at the top nursing trends which are making headlines in 2021.Top Nursing Topics Dominating Headlines in 2021 Essay


Nurses receive training as caregivers which sometimes makes them forget about themselves. They sometimes work for extra hours due to nurse shortages and similarly are likely to suffer from work-related stress due to the nature of their work. Self-care is important as enables us to cater to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Lack of self-care among nurses has been associated with fatigue, burnout, and errors which could result in additional costs to both the patients and the hospitals. Nurses and their workplaces should therefore make self-care a priority by designing a plan which is action-oriented, time-sensitive, measurable, and specific.

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Increased Nursing Specialties and Career Paths Options

Due to an increase in the complexity of healthcare needs, the scope of nurses’ specialization is widening. Nurses can pursue different education paths and specialties preparing them for more career paths and options that align with their preferences.

The Rise of Telemedicine Use

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in the utilization of telemedicine. Medical visits are being conducted virtually due to an influx of patients in hospitals and the fear among people to contract the virus. Telemedicine allows patients to have control of their health by regularly accessing their medical records. Patients are equally able to set reminders and schedule appointments at their convenience.

Travelling Nurses

Nursing has become a travel-friendly profession, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the already overwhelmed staff in pandemic hotpots. Traveling among nurses is vital to meet the shifting demands in healthcare provision.

Popularity in Online Nursing Education Programs

The high demand for nursing jobs makes the profession marketable which has prompted individuals to seek further education. The online nursing education programs allow nurses working full time to access education at their schedules which not only allows them to work but also advance their education and move up the career ladder.

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Salaries and Benefits will need to Increase

The shortage of nurses due to high turnover rates and cost-cutting in health facilities has prompted employees to adopt nurse retention strategies. An increase in benefits and salaries is likely to minimize turnover rates while at the same time attracting the right candidates for the job.

Bilingual Nurses will be in more Demand

High rates of immigration into the US have resulted in bilingualism becoming popular and necessary in the healthcare sector. It is important to acknowledge that approximately 350 languages are spoken across the US states and nurses are likely to have encounters with non-native English speakers, especially Spanish speakers. Therefore, knowledge of an additional language would be necessary for the nurses to facilitate communication and free interactions.

Value-Based Care is the New Model

The value-based care model is a healthcare delivery model where the healthcare providers are paid based on the patient’s health outcomes. The goal of the model is to improve the quality and the outcomes of patients through proactive but not reactive measures. Since the model has been adopted by healthcare organizations, safety, quality, and patient experience are likely to be considered when nurses are providing care.

Nurses will need to Embrace Technology more

            There has been significant technological growth in the healthcare sector with new healthcare technologies entering the market regularly. Nurses need to adapt to these technologies to improve patient care and efficiency of care provision. Technology has been associated with a reduction in administration fees, accuracy and satisfaction in documentation, and improved patient satisfaction. For more on technology and nursing read more here:  Explore more about Telehealth In Nursing sample paper

Patients will become more educated

Individuals are embracing their health and becoming more educated regarding diseases, health promotion, and insurance plans. Patients are aware of healthy dietary habits, the importance of exercise, and immune-boosting habits. They are similarly aware of signs and symptoms of illnesses which prompts them to seek care when need be. More so, they are aware of their rights especially autonomy to make health-related decisions which makes them equal players in designing healthcare plans.

Nurses are important stakeholders in the healthcare sector which communicates the need for them to understand trends in the sector. They are more likely to become receptive and change agents if and when they have an understanding of the dynamics of the sector. The above are some of the top trending topics in nursing which are likely to shape the nursing sector and the healthcare sector in general. Stakeholders, therefore, need to collaborate with the ultimate goals of creating conducive work environments, boosting nurses’ satisfaction, and providing safe and quality care to patients.

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