NURS 6512 Week 6: Assessment of the Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System

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NURS 6512 Week 6: Assessment of the Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System

On your way home from dinner, you start experiencing sharp pains in your abdomen. You ate seafood—could you have food poisoning? What else might be causing your pain? Appendicitis? Should you head to the emergency room, or should you wait and see how you feel in the morning?
Numerous ailments can affect the GI system and the abdomen. Because the organs are so close, it can be difficult to conduct an accurate assessment. Also, pain in another area of the body can affect the GI system. For example, patients with chronic migraines often report nausea.
This week, you will explore how to assess the abdomen and gastrointestinal system.

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Learning Objectives
Students will:

  • Evaluate abnormal abdomen and gastrointestinal findings
  • Apply concepts, theories, and principles relating to health assessment techniques and diagnoses for the abdomen and gastrointestinal system
  • Identify concepts, theories, and principles related to advanced health assessment

NURS 6512 Assignment 2: Lab Assignment DCE

The causes of abdominal pain can be extremely varied due to the sheer number of structures, organs, and functions within the abdomen. If abdominal pain is caused by a life-threatening condition, then swift and accurate assessment is essential.
In preparation for the Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment due in Week 9, it is recommended that you practice performing an abdominal examination this week.

Focused Exam: Abdominal Assignment:

  • Complete the following in Shadow Health:
  • Abdominal  Concept Lab (Required)
  • Gastrointestinal (Practice)
  • Focused Exam: Abdominal Pain (Practice)

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