Leadership Qualities and Integrity Discussion Response

Leadership Qualities and Integrity Discussion Response essay assignment

Leadership Qualities and Integrity Discussion Response essay assignment

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. “Some of the main leadership qualities and behaviors that I would expect from a Christian servant leader include:

1) Integrity- Integrity is an intentional lifestyle, reflecting an overall track record of honesty and good character.

2) Humility- In Christian servant leadership, we must be willing to learn from and listen to those we lead because we know that they have value and worth.

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3) Flexibility- Servant leaders practice flexibility because they’re willing to adapt to their situations and surroundings. They recognize that life can throw them into unexpected situations or challenges.

4) Resilience- Servant leaders recognize that struggles are real, and life is difficult, but God is in control. Resilience is the ability to push through based on the truth that God has enabled us to persevere because he is our ultimate source of strength.

5) Empathy- Empathy for a servant leader is simply being able to visualize yourself in someone else’s position. It helps you to understand what someone is feeling (Stasak, 2022).

These qualities and behaviors may differ for someone who is not a servant leader because not all leaders put others first. For example, an autocratic leader is one who looks out for themselves primarily, which is the opposite of the servant leadership model. This means that not all leaders will lead with equality or integrity. Some leaders put themselves first, rather than putting their team first. However, I believe that to be an effective leader, it’s important to develop your selflessness. This means you look out for the goals and well-being of others before you think about your own goals (Stasak, 2022).

As a result, I do believe that servant leadership is compatible with religion and other worldviews because there is significant compatibility between the morals and ethical values and components of servant leadership and a biblical worldview. Just like many religions and worldviews, servant leadership affirms human dignity, increases the bond of the community by fostering compassion and attention to people’s needs, empowers people and helps them develop character, moderates and critiques the use of power, and provides an environment that promotes justice (Wallace, 2022).


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