Urinary System

Urinary System

Urinary System
1. Which of the following functions would the kidney not perform?
a. storing urine
b. waste excretion
c. fluid balance preservation
d. vitamin D synthesis regulation
e. RBC synthesis is regulated.
2. Bowman’s capsule contains a network of capillaries known as the
a. recta vasa
b. glomerulus.
c. capillary peritubular
d. capillary proximal convoluted
e. arteriole efferent
3. Select the term that does not belong here.
a. glomerulus
b. densa macula
c. cells juxtaglomerular
d. apparatus juxtaglomerular
e. arteriole afferent
4. The vasa recta is a subset of the vasa recta.
a. glomerulus.
b. arteriole afferent
c. arteriole efferent
d. capillary peritubular
e. The interlobular artery
5. The portion of cardiac output that passes through the kidneys is referred to as the
a. The renal fraction
b. fraction of filtration
c. fraction of clearance
d. The rate of glomerular flow.
e. The cardiac fraction
6. The majority of the water in the filtrate is reabsorbed.
a. protruding convoluted tubule
b. Henle’s descending loop
c. Henle’s ascending loop
d. tubule of the distal convolute
e. a collection duct
7. Urea is
a. cells of the distal convoluted tubule secreted into the filtrate
b. Diffuse from the collecting ducts into the medulla’s interstitial fluid, then into the descending loop of Henle.
c. The nephron completely reabsorbed
d. The collecting duct cells actively transport substances into the filtrate.
e. None of these options are correct.
8. There is a countercurrent mechanism in place.
a. arterioles afferent and efferent
b. Bowman’s capsule and the glomerulus
c. the distal and proximal tubules
d. Henle’s loop is the only one.
e. both the Henle loop and the vasa recta
9. Filtrate reabsorption that is not controlled by hormones is known as
a. active.
b. obligatory.
c. facultative.
d. countercurrent.
e. nonessential.
10. The hormone angiotensin II
a. is an effective vasodilator.
b. stimulates the secretion of aldosterone
c. Renin action produces angiotensin II from angiotensin I.
d. acts on the collecting ducts to increase water reabsorption
e. lowers blood pressure
Water Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance (Chapter 27)
1. Which of the following fluid compartments has the least amount of water in it?
a. plasma
b. compartment interstitial
c. compartment intracellular
d. compartment extracellular
e. cytoplasm
2. Plasma and interstitial fluid differ in that plasma contains significantly more ____ than interstitial fluid.
a. protein
b. bicarbonate
c. chloride
d. volume of water
e. Ions of hydrogen
3. Which of the following events takes place last?
a. Renin secretion by the kidney
b. The adrenal cortex secretes aldosterone.
c. Reabsorption of sodium by the kidney tubules
d. angiotensinogen (angiotensin II)
e.g., angiotensin I (angiotensin II).
4. Which of the following situations could stimulate increased ADH secretion?
a. elevated renal blood flow
b. elevated blood osmolality
c. increased production of atrial natriuretic hormone
d. elevated blood pressure
e. lower blood osmolality
5. The potassium levels in the body are controlled by
a. ADH.
b. PTH.
calcium calcitonin
d. the hormone aldosterone
e.g., insulin
6. The majority of the calcium in the body is found in the bones.
a. bones.
plasma b.
kidneys c.
d. The digestive tract.
Extracellular fluid, for example.
7. A decrease in serum levels stimulates parathyroid hormone secretion.
a. potassium concentrations
Calcium levels, b.
Levels of calcitonin
d. phosphate concentrations
Sodium levels, for example.
ECF osmolality has increased.
a. causes thirst.
ADH is inhibited by b.
c. stimulates renin secretion
d. boosts aldosterone secretion
e. reduces thirst
9. pH
a. rises with acidity
b. is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10.
c. denotes the concentration of hydrogen ions.
d. represents the sodium content of body fluids
e. has nothing to do with the amount of carbon dioxide in the body.
10. In acidosis renal compensation,
a. H+ secretion falls; bicarbonate excretion rises.

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b. H+ secretion falls while bicarbonate reabsorption rises.
c. Increased H+ secretion and bicarbonate reabsorption.
d. Increased H+ secretion and bicarbonate excretion.
e. H+ secretion falls; bicarbonate excretion falls.
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  • Follow APA 7th edition
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