The Impact of Policy in the Workplaces

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Policy influences the delivery of health care in numerous ways. It can impact everything from methods of disposing hazardous materials to how often a patient’s vital signs are taken. These policies play a significant role in influencing the efficiency and effectiveness of quality health care.

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on your readings and the video presentation from this week’s resources. Consider policy problems that exist in your work setting. Think about who is trying to influence these policies.

Impact of Policy in the Workplaces nursing paper Essay Help

Using the definition of politics in Mason, Leavitt, and Chaffee (2014, p. 5), address the following:

1.       Identify a policy problem that exists (or existed) in your work setting.

2.      Who is making decisions about the allocation of resources and what resources are involved to address the problem?

3.      How does this align with the steps in the policy-making process?

4.      How does this policy affect nursing and the delivery of health care?

Support your ideas or those of others with references from professional nursing literature.


·         Course Text: Mason, D. J., Leavitt, J. K., & Chaffee, M. W. (2014). Policy and politics in nursing and health care (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

·         Course Text: Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care

o    Chapter 1, “A Framework for Action in Policy and Politics”

This chapter discusses the relationship between politics and health care policies. It explains the value framework for politics and the policy process and the four spheres of political influence in nursing

o    Chapter 2, “A Historical Perspective on Policy, Politics, and Nursing”

Chapter 2 recounts the historic foundations of the profession of nursing. It reviews political and social changes that have impacted nursing practice.

o    Chapter 7, “The Policy Process”

A conceptual basis for policy making, as well as various steps of the policy process, is described in this chapter. An example of a policy issue paper (Box 7–3) is provided at the end of the chapter.

o    Chapter 8, “Political Analysis and Strategies”

Chapter 8 reviews the relationship between politics and nursing. It discusses the characteristics of political analysis and identifies effective political strategies.

o    Chapter 64, “How Government Works and What You Need to Know to Influence the Process”

This chapter reviews the divisions of government and their functions. It also provides strategies for nurses to implement when trying to influence public officials to change and enhance health care policy.

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