The Future of the Nursing Profession

The nursing profession faces many issues about the delivery of quality, accessible, and affordable health care services such as safe staffing levels; nursing shortages and overtime, and burnout. Professional nursing organizations can play a critical role to help resolve these health care issues.

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For this discussion, use the knowledge you gained from this unit’s readings.

  • Discuss the roles of professional nursing organizations in moving and shaping health care policy and nursing practice.
  • Discuss the political capital and decision making power of nursing as a profession.
  • Explicate how nursing organizations have been involved in informing health care policy and nursing practice, noting successes and failures, and also points of unity and division within the profession around health care issues.
  • Explain what strategies you think have been most successful for the nursing profession in influencing policy decision.

Your initial post is to be about 150 words, referenced with at least one APA formatted reference.

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