Teaching Philosophy

A teacher role is to guide the students towards their goals and objectives and I aim at making their experience memorable and what I teach easily transfers to the working area effectively. I strongly believe that learning is mutual in teaching as both parties get benefited. The students gain knowledge and skills and achieve their objectives. The teacher also learns from students and improves different kinds of skills such as presentation skills, evaluation skills, observation skills and communication skills. I always thought of my post as a learning method and a way for keeping myself up to date. I try to make the interns experience as beneficial as possible.

I expect students to get involved either in preparing for the teaching before the class, in the class through hands on activities and working on assignments after the class. Getting involved in teaching-learning process makes it easy to the knowledge to transfer and the skill to be learned and mastered. I use different teaching methods such as lectures, discussing case studies, skill drills and demonstration.

Teacher should be available for the students and easily accessible and approachable and that plays major role in motivating the students. I get motivated when I feel students are interested while I am teaching them. I feel that I am accomplishing my goals and I feel really happy when I walk in to one of the units and I observe my students working confidently and efficiently. I feel proud of them when their in-charges praise them whether their work and performance or attitude. I use the evaluation that the students give me at the end of the program as a guidance tool for me. I feel motivated when they are satisfied and I try to improve in the areas that they find it to be weak.

People who are effective in their role have great impact on me. I still remember my teachers whom I used to like and enjoy their classes. Sometimes I find myself adopting some of their strategies in teaching. My colleagues in the training department and the head of nursing services department are some of the people whom I can call them role models for me. I learned from attending their lectures and listening to their advices.

I find the evaluation strategies that I use very effective and I am able to evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching. If I would change any of these strategies, I would use more of technology. The interns could submit many of those as soft copies and I can review it for them and it would be more interactive and will save time and be cost effective. I would also spend more time with the interns in the clinical area. Another essential point that I did not pay attention to previously, I have to consider different types of learners either their level or what type of learners they are.

I face difficulties some times dealing with different levels of students. Not all of them will have the same passion to study and learn. I find myself sometimes pushing them hard to learn something or to do an assignment, which I regret later on because I know it is not the right thing to do. I will try to learn more about motivation and different strategies to deal with such students. I would like to learn more about approaching the unacceptable behavior from the students. I want to improve my criticism approach and the way I give face-to-face feedback whether it is positive or negative. I need to improve my teaching in many aspects. I need to be more flexible and improve my listening skills. I feel that I should have some more of the nurturing teaching perspective because the interns are at a stressful period and they need much support and assurance. I use more of the behaviorist theory, which does not really fit all teaching situations. I will also adopt more teaching theories according to their convenience to the topics that I teach.

· I think it’s a bit too long, typically these are fairly short, to the point, and focused.

· You have much more detail than you need.

· You might also consider making it more general; you spend a considerable amount of time discussing what you do in your current context, whereas a teaching philosophy should be less context bound and more a generalized approach.

· Also, you have some grammar and word choice issues throughout.

· Your opening sentence is misplaced and confusing, I’m not sure what exactly you are referring to.

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