Social Policy Paper On Persons with Disabilities and Disability Rights 

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In this written and oral group assignment, students are to conduct an analysis of social welfare policy through the lens of a marginalized/oppressed group in this society for Persons with Disabilities and Disability Rights.

The major focus of this assignment will be to analyze how your specific group has fared under the policy that you choose.  For example, a group could choose to examine how disabled persons have fared under health care policy or how educational policy has impacted African Americans.


At least 5 different literature sources need to be referenced for this assignment, not including required readings and Internet encyclopedia references. 

The Policy Analysis Paper will be divided into three sections:

  1. The first section will be the Introduction and Statement of the Problem. In this section. the student group will describe the issues pertinent to the marginalized population and the specific policy. The length of the introduction should be 2-3 pages.

Social welfare policy analysis paper

Questions and topics that will be addressed in the introduction section include:

  1. Describe the historical problems and issues confronted by this group relative to the specific social welfare policy.
  1. What is the source of the problem? Is it couched in racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism or other American values?   If so, give credible evidence for this.  If not, cite alternative explanations.
  1. Describe the significance of the problems/issues (provide statistical information to support your contention). How real is the problem to others who are not members of the marginalized/oppressed group?   Does society at large support efforts to remedy this situation?
  1. The next section of the paper will be the Policy Intervention Section. This section should describe the policies that have been implemented to address this problem. The page length for the policy intervention section is 5-6

Questions to be answered:

  1. What policy or policies have been implemented to address this issue?
  2. What social and political values sustain this policy?
  3. Has there been a good fit between the group’s needs and the program goals? Explain why or why not.
  4. What types of benefits have been provided under the policy?
  5. What are the eligibility criteria to receive benefits?
  6. What agency administers and operates the program?
  1. The final section of the paper will be the Evaluation and Recommendations section. In this section, students will address whether the marginalized/oppressed group has actually benefited from this policy. The page length for the evaluation and recommendations section is 3-4

Questions to be addressed include:

  1. Has there been any change in the problem for this group since the policy was implemented? This can be either positive or negative. Give statistical evidence.
  1. How efficient was the policy? Did the policy make the best expenditure of time, effort and money?
  1. Is the policy ethically sound? To what extent did the policy respect people’s rights to dignity, confidentiality and self-determination?

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