Qualitative And Mixed Methods Research Designs

Imagine that you work in a clinic that has recently implemented a new program to support the family members of patients with brain injuries. You have been tasked with determining the success of the new program. What are your options? You could create a brief questionnaire for family members, or possibly have semi-structured interviews. How would your techniques differ if you were researching patient experiences with wait time in an emergency room setting? Reflect on how the particular circumstances of a research study dictate the most appropriate approach.

This week, you are introduced to qualitative and mixed method approaches to research design, including when to use these research designs to address specific PICOT questions. You also critique qualitative and mixed methods research studies for validity and reliability.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Evaluate appropriateness of qualitative research designs for research questions

· Analyze ethical issues in qualitative research studies

· Critique quantitative and qualitative or mixed methods research studies

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