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Unlike other courses where you could easily come up with a case study for your project, nursing case studies have to be accurate and specific to a patient. Unfortunately, no matter what your best friend told you, it is not possible to come up with a case study overnight. You need to do the preliminary search, gather all your facts, and then proceed to write the case study. Also, you cannot make up a case study. A case study is based on the actual evidence you collected from the field. At, we for professional nursing case studies writing help.

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What you need when writing your nursing case study

Do you want to write your nursing case study but do not know whether to begin?

  • Medical history of the patient

Start with the medical condition of the patient, and the kind of treatment he/she has received so far. You will also need to include personal details about the patient such as the name, age, race, gender, residence, and next of kin.

Answer questions concerning whether they have ever suffered from the same illness before, and if so, what was their treatment plan last time, and did it work?

Also include information about the disease itself. Has it progressed? In what stage is it? Is it responding to treatment or not?

  • Assessment from a nurse

For any tests done, and vitals were taken, this is where that information falls. What kind of observations can you make as a nurse? What input have you given that has contributed to the recovery of the patient? It is important to note that most of the information that is found here can be found in a nursing care plan as well.

  • Care plan and recommendations

In this section, you get to discuss what measures have been put in place to ensure that the patient makes a recovery. You also discuss the various interventions used that will affect the patient. Give your input or recommendations on what you feel should be done to help the patient more. Do not simply quote from the top of your head. Your recommendations will need to be backed up by scientific evidence.

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