Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Service

Discussion Question 1

What is the relationship between ethics and a value system? Which precedes the other? Explain your answer.


Week 1 – Discussion Question 2

Are professional ethics concerned with actions, the result of actions, or both? Why


Week 1 – Discussion Question 3

What are examples of classical theories of ethics being applied to the professional practice of counselors?


Week 1 Assignments:


Week 1 (Plagiarism Quiz) 30 MCQ’s, Fill in the Blank & True False


BSHS 332 Week 1 summary


Week 2

Week 2 – Discussion Question 1
How might critical legal decisions affect the practice of human service professionals today?


Week 2 – Discussion Question 2

Can you obey the law and still commit an ethical violation? Explain your answer.
Can you be ethical and still break the law? Explain your answer.


Week 2 – Discussion Question 3

Review the codes regarding intimate relationships with clients in the NASW Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics, The Code of Ethics for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist, and the Code of Ethics for the American Counseling Association. The links for each of these Codes of Ethics are on page 5 of your syllabus.What are the similarities between the codes of these three organizations?
What are the differences between the codes of these three organizations?

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