PM 3000 Unit 3 DQ Project Management Software and Tools

PM 3000 Unit 3 DQ Project Management Software and Tools

PM 3000 Unit 3 DQ Project Management Software and Tools

As a project manager, you need to know what project management software is available to implement on your projects. Some project management software is built around collaboration or designed to work better with sequential projects versus iterative projects.

For this discussion:

Examine at least three project management software applications.

Describe the features, best uses, weaknesses, cost, and adoption in the market.

Provide supporting evidence and references for your evaluation of project management software.

Discussion and Response Guidelines

Regarding discussions in this course, you are encouraged to initially post early in the unit for each discussion, to allow time for peers to respond. The expectation within the course discussions is to respond to at least two posts by the end of the unit, but it is highly recommended that you extend the dialog further. Responding over multiple days will help stimulate a lively discussion.

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