NURS 8700/NURS 8700P Module 3: DNP Project Proposal Essay 

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NURS 8700/NURS 8700P: Doctor of Nursing Practice Modules

NURS 8700/NURS 8700P Module 3: DNP Project Proposal Essay

In this module, you review the requirements of your DNP Project Proposal. You may post any questions that arise about the DNP Project to the Q & A Discussion Forum. This module also provides you with submission instructions for your DNP Project Proposal.

Learning Objectives

This required assignment fulfills the first Course Outcome:
  • Produce approved DNP Project documents

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NURS 8700 Assignment: DNP Project Proposal

The DNP Project Proposal (20–35 pages, plus references) is a detailed plan for carrying out the DNP Project. The Proposal builds on the approved Premise and will be presented to the DNP Project Committee in written form and orally via phone conference. The Project Proposal includes the first three sections of the DNP Project.

Review the DNP Project Overview, DNP Project Checklist, DNP Project Minimum Standards Rubric, and other resources available on the DNP page on the Walden Doctoral Capstone website for complete instructions and post any questions or concerns you have for your Project Chair to the Q & A Discussion Forum.

Note: When submitting your Project Proposal, the QUARTERyear section of the filename should reflect the first two letters of the quarter. For example, Chris Smith’s QUARTERyearsection for a Project Premise submitted during the summer quarter of 2012 would be SU2012.

Project Chairs and DNP students alike can gather here!

This Q & A Discussion Forum is a place for any questions that arise during the course about the various components of the DNP Project, directions, procedures, due dates, or other issues unrelated to personal matters, rather than e-mailing them to your Project Chair. Used in this way, students are able to collaboratively assist one another in their projects in a learning community that includes the Project Chair, such that all students benefit from responses and discussion of the Project Chair as well as their peers. The Class Café is intended to be an area where you can meet and discuss other topics with your peers. Please address all technical questions directly to the Student Support Team.

NURS 8700/NURS 8700P Module 3: DNP Project Proposal

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