NURS 6730 Week 6: Public Health Leadership at the Team Level

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NURS 6730 Week 6: Public Health Leadership at the Team Level

Effective leadership at the team level requires leaders with strong personal leadership skills. Many of the public health challenges facing today’s leaders are more complex and numerous than in times past. Public health nurse leaders must constantly address challenges that range from annual cuts in an agency’s budget to crises related to disease outbreaks, such as Ebola and Zika, and natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as school shootings and other increases in community violence. Creative leaders know that they cannot do all the work that’s needed by themselves. They must be able to trust the people they lead, and likewise, inspire trust in those whom they lead.

This week, you will explore the concept of team leadership and the nature of working in and leading teams of individuals. You will identify specific skills and strategies that a public health nurse leader needs to have in his or her toolbox to navigate the challenges that can occur when attempting to create a cohesive team from a group of diverse individuals.

Learning Objectives

Students will:
  • Describe team leadership responsibilities for addressing public health issues (D)
  • Describe team characteristics (D)
  • Identify team attributes that present challenges (D)
  • Apply leadership strategies to address team challenges (D)
  • Identify aspects of personal leadership development that support team leadership (J)
  • Analyze leadership competency alignment with team leadership skills (J)
  • Identify leadership skills for future development (J)

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“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

― Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

The field of public health demands creativity and innovation in order to achieve solutions for complex problems. Leaders and the strength of their teams directly influence the success of the public’s health.

For this Discussion, you will develop a team scenario in a public health setting and apply effective team leadership characteristics.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Resources, and consider the defining characteristics of effective teams and the role of teams have in achieving organizational goals.
  • Review The Five Dysfunctions of a Team pyramid by Lencioni (2002) found in the Resources.
  • Reflect on the influence personal leadership has on the ability to lead at the team level.
  • Review the public health issue you identified in Week 2.
  • Consider a scenario where you are leading an initiative to address the public health issue in your community.

By Day 3

Post a 3 to 4 minutes Kaltura video presentation at which you respond to the following questions:

  • Describe a scenario at which you are responsible for leading a team through an initiative to address the chosen public health issue. Be creative and address key issues related to team leadership.
  • Describe the team members whom you will be working with in order to address the public health issue you have identified.
  • Identify one of Lencioni’s “5 Dysfunctions of a Team,” which is presented in the pyramid, that may present challenges for your team as you work toward your goal.
  • Discuss one potential strategy from the middle column of the pyramid that you as the public health nurse leader of the team might use to address this issue.

View a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues by providing feedback on their approach to team leadership. Support your feedback with scholarly resources and your own experiences with teams.

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Leadership Journal: Team-Level Leadership

For this Leadership Journal assignment, you will reflect on the connections between personal growth and development and leadership at the team level.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on your experiences as a team member and/or leadership of a team in the past.
  • Consider this week’s Resources and Discussion, what stands out as an essential element for effective team leadership?

Complete the Practicum Journal Entry 2:

In your saved version of the NURS 6730 Practicum Journal document, respond to the following prompts:

  • What aspects of your personal leadership development (review checklist, contract, and leadership statement) support the ability to lead teams effectively?
  • Identify how the leadership competencies from ANA (2013) align with the essential skills needed for team leadership. Identify at least two areas you would like to strengthen, and provide an action you can take towards achieving each area.
  • Make a note of any additional insights and resources regarding leadership at the team level that you would like to pursue further.

By Day 7

Submit your Leadership Journal.

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