Meeting the OMH’s national CLAS standards

Analyze a U.S hospital’s action plan for meeting the OMH’s national CLAS standards relating to the U.S Hispanic population.


1. Describe the Hospital’s existing action plan for meeting the OMHs national CLAS standards


  • ·       Evaluate the strengths and weakness of the existing action plan from an epidemiological standpoint. Epidemiology is the discipline that studies the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease circumstances in well-defined populations. It is the keystone of public health and appraises policy choices and evidence-based practice by ascertaining risk factors for disease and objectives for preventive health care.


  • ·       Propose strategies for improving current health care plans and for meeting future health care needs for U.S Hispanic population through the use of basic epidemiological concepts, methods, and tools used to analyze health data. Explain how the techniques for gathering and analyzing epidemiological data will inevitably vary depending on the nature of the disease and the population being monitored.


3. Examine Principles and practices of cultural competence used in professional nursing practice. Interrelationships of communication within the health care setting’s targeted populations. Interdisciplinary team communication skills in interactions with multicultural and diverse individuals and populations.

4. Propose interdisciplinary team communication improvement strategies for interactions with multicultural and diverse individuals and populations. Articulate the challenges and strategies used in the design and development of culturally appropriate health evaluations.

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