Linear Regression Exercises

Research Question: Does the number of hours worked per week (workweek) predict family income (income)?

Using Polit2SetA data set, run a simple regression using Family Income (income) as the outcome variable (Y) and Number of Hours Worked per Week (workweek) as the independent variable (X). When conducting any regression analysis, the dependent (outcome) variables is always (Y) and is placed on the y-axis, and the independent (predictor) variable is always (X) and is placed on the x-axis.

Follow these steps when using SPSS:

1. Open Polit2SetA data set.

2. Click on Analyze, then click on Regression, then Linear.

3. Move the dependent variable (income) in the box labeled “Dependent” by clicking the arrow button. The dependent variable is a continuous variable.

4. Move the independent variable (workweek) into the box labeled “Independent.”

5. Click on the Statistics button (right side of box) and click on Descriptives, Estimates, Confidence Interval (should be 95%), and Model Fit, then click on Continue.

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