Importance of HRM Strategic Planning Process

Importance of HRM Strategic Planning Process essay assignment

Importance of HRM Strategic Planning Process essay assignment

We have spent our time together exploring the nuts and bolts of the Human Resources processes and their value to our organizations and to health care leaders.

As we close our time together, we will step back and reflect on human resources a key part of an organization’s Strategic Planning Process.

The following article “Strategic Planning at Mayo Clinic:  A Case Study” provides an overview of the importance of Human Resources and their HRM Strategic Plan as a foundation for the over-all Mayo Clinic Strategic Planning process.

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  1. For the purposes of our discussion question, read pages 13 through the first half of page 21 of the Case Study. (Feel free to read the whole thing on your own – it is really good!)
  2. Explain why the HRM Strategic Plan has been such an important foundation for the over-all strategic plan for Mayo Clinic.
  3. Given how things will change following the pandemic, explain why a strategic plan for HRM will be so important to all organizations moving forward.
  4. This DQ will be worth 10 points.

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