Health Care Data Comparison

  • You must interview two Health Information Management  professionals.
  • Paraphrase or summarize your interaction with the interviewees – do not provide a “transcript” and extensive direct quotes
  • You must connect the interviewees’ responses and thoughts to specific course concepts and explore those concepts in some depth.
  • Format the paper according to APA requirements; i.e., include a Title Page and Reference list, use in-text citation technique to reference sources in the body of the paper.



Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:


Compare and contrast the data collected in acute care facilities with the data collected in non-acute care facilities.

Identify an acute care facility and a non-acute health care facility in your area. Arrange to

speak to the health information management professional at each facility and discuss the

challenges they feel they face in collecting data, the type of data they are responsible for

collecting, what their job duties are, and what type of patients they provide care. Assess and

relate the outcome of the interview to the material explored in the Readings.

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