• Activity InstructionsIn this paper, complete the following:
    • Provide context by defining the shaping and driving forces that impact the development of your new leadership agenda. This should include your awareness of the global impact of your company or your chosen field and its welcoming of a global diversity of ideas and leadership. It should also include what “minds” you most need to develop.
    • Think about how your agenda compares to the predominant leadership model in your field. Examples of contemporary leadership agendas might include “might makes right,” “Americans know better,” and “partnering makes a better product.” Evaluate the strength of your own agenda in comparison to other possible agendas. Provide the rationale for one of the emerging leadership theories as a guide for your leadership agenda.

1. Analyze relevant global leadership concerns of the future

2. Analyze emerging leadership theories for driving a leadership agenda

3. Defend the selection of a leadership theory for driving a leadership agenda

4. Evaluate the agendas in relationship to other contemporary leadership agendas

5. Propose a global leadership agenda