Environmental Racism

Environmental Racism essay assignment

Environmental Racism essay assignment

Create a new Word document without your name, this will ensure I can grade with usernames hidden.


You will be graded on the clarity, composition, use of important concepts and depth of your argument(s).


Short Response: I’m looking for a strong and thorough paragraph at the very least


Choose FOUR of the following questions (4 questions x 25 points = 100 points)


  1. According to Bonilla-Silva, what are the four frames of “color-blind racism”? Explain them. How does color-blind racism make it difficult to address race in our society? How does whiteness operate as the “norm” in society?
  2. What is environmental racism/classism? Provide an example(s). What product/resource is causing our global environmental crisis? How or in what ways is it doing so? What are the roles of government and corporations in fueling environmental decline?
  3. What are three criticisms Bernes had concerning what is known as the Green New Deal?

What are three aspects of American culture (from the slides) that make it difficult to confront, or deal with, environmental problems? Explain.

  1. Briefly explain the history of housing discrimination in the U.S. Explain and provide evidence from the Coates reading how this history is still relevant today. How does housing discrimination, where you live, impact other aspects of your life?
  2. In what ways are rural areas in America changing and what problems do they face?

What is the “racial geography of rural poverty”? What does this racial geography tell us about the nature of poverty in America?

  1. What is the “culture of poverty”? Explain. How does the culture of poverty used to explain why poor people are poor? What are some of the myths of poverty we discussed in class and how do they relate to this culture of poverty concept?