Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

In this week’s readings media program, Ms. Marren discussed how the nurses in New York responded during the 9/11 crisis. Ms. Marren also discussed how the Visiting Nurse Services emergency preparedness/disaster response plan has changed since 9/11. In addition, Dr. Guerra and Dr. DiFerdinando both discussed disaster response

activities and strategies. Finally, the readings this week discussed the role of the nurse in bioterrorism and disaster management.

Select a disaster that could happen in your community. Then, write a 3 pages paper outlining the following:

  • The disaster
  • How the professional nurse would use clinical judgment and decision-making skills to provide appropriate nursing care
  • Other health care professionals that may be involved in a response
  • Suggest strategies for improving your community’s response to your identified disaster




Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009). Family, community and population-based care: Emergency preparedness and disaster response in community health nursing. Baltimore: Author.

  • Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 13 minutes.

    In this week’s media, Ms. Joan Marren, Dr. George DiFerdinando, and Dr. Guerra discuss finding ways to ensure the delivery of nursing care during disasters through emergency preparedness and disaster response. Ms. Marren shares her experiences of providing care to 1,400 patients immediately following 9/11, Dr. Guerra discusses how San Antonio responded when faced with evacuees from Hurricane Katrina, and Dr. DiFerdinando shares his experiences as the Acting Commissioner of Health in New Jersey during the Anthrax emergency



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