Economic Growth, Technology, and Education

To complete your review of the articles published by the Economist regarding economic growth and biodiversity, read the following:

The effects of growth: The long view. The Economist Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 11.

Address the following questions:

  • What evidence does this article provide that GDP is related to habitat conservation? (Define GDP in your answer.)
  • According to the article, what is the role of technology in protecting biodiversity? Briefly discuss the examples provided in the article.
  • What changes in land use related to economic growth have a positive impact on natural resources and biodiversity conservation?

SLP Assignment Expectations

You are provided with the reference necessary to complete this assignment. As you read through this article, take notes from then write the answers to the questions above in your own words, describing what you have learned from your reading. Direct quotes should be limited and must be designated by quotation marks.

For this SLP assignment, you are required to organize your answers to these questions in essay format. Be sure that you include an Introductory paragraph that gives your audience a brief overview of what your paper is about and what you are going to cover. Each topic that you introduce in this Introductory paragraph should correspond with a paragraph in the body that addresses it. Include a Conclusion paragraph that summarizes your discussion of the Economist article. This article is your only required reference, and should still be reported in a Reference section.

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