Discussion:Application in Preventing Infections

Discussion:Application in Preventing Infections

Discussion:Application in Preventing Infections

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Application in Preventing Infections

1. What EBP activities have ARNPs in your area spearheaded?
2. Have health care consumers benefitted?

The following question is a discussion post. EBP stands for Evidence Based
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One of the areas that advanced registered nursing practitioners has applied evidence-based practices is in the prevention of infections from inside the healthcare settings. When patients visit hospitals, they seek to get better. Not to catch infections while being treated for other problems. Therefore, the prevention of infection of the patients with pathogens that may be in the hospital environment is very important. Nurses play an important responsibility on top of caring for the patients. They help ensure that illnesses are prevented from happening by maintaining evidence-based infection control practices (Allegranzi et al., 2016). The methods that are used to control infections in healthcare environments include cleaning the healthcare setting and washing the personal protective gear used by the professionals. Other practices involve using barrier precautions and correctly washing one’s hands after medical procedures or before handling patients………..

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