Cooperative Learning

Our text states, “Combining computers with cooperative learning strategies   promotes greater quantity and quality of daily achievement, more successful   problem solving, and higher performance on factual recognition, application,   and problem-solving text items than do computers and competition or computers   and individualized learning.”
With that in mind, explore the Microsoft Lesson Plans website (or another website that offers lesson plans   utilizing technology) and address the following:

  • Find and adapt a lesson plan        utilizing technology that was originally designed for individual student        work to a cooperative format.
  • Explain how you would build        an atmosphere that encourages participation and cooperation.
  • How will you teach group        processes to the students?
  • How will you facilitate their        learning?
  • How difficult was it to adapt        the lesson?
  • Do you agree with the        statement from our text?
  • Do you believe the changes to        the lesson will increase overall achievement?
  • What are the advantages and        limitations inherent in each approach?

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