Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy essay assignment

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy essay assignment

Project Purpose: To teach students how to use “Academic Search Complete” database to find full text, professional articles .
To teach students how to read and analyze professional journal articles.

Project Parameters:

1) Using Canvas, select Library Research Guides

a) Choose Articles and Databases

b) Academic Search Complete

c) Limit Your Results choose Scholarly

d) You may then enter your favorite journal or simply enter your topic, then narrow your topic using the three spaces available

e) Select an article

e) The full text can be found to the left of the title


After reviewing several articles choose one that you understand.  Organize your thoughts and take notes. Create slides to summarize article.

Tips for reading an journal article:

1.  Understand the Structure of a Journal Article.

2. Skim through the article noticing the structure and to determine if you can understand the article.

3.  Take Notes on Each Section and Ask Questions.

4.  Identify Key Information. Determine if the article you are reviewing supports your idea or subject.

5.  Note the Source Cited according to APA.  NOT the link.  If you have never cited a journal before either Google APA, or go to the TCC Library Research Guide found in Canvas.

6.  Methods /design: was the study a medical research, epidemiological study, clinical study (was it randomized or double blind study?  Who was involved in the study, how many people, where was the study conducted, ages?  For example, there is currently a study being conducted from March 2021 until July that includes 4,000 pregnant women, half are going to be given the COVID 19 vaccine, half will be given a placebo.  The outcome will determine if the vaccine is safe for pregnant women as well as the antibodies passed to the baby.  The women are located throughout the United States and include women 19-42 years old.  All the participants will be asked to keep a daily journal.  Based upon the information, you could come up with three slides describing the methods used.