Bioethics Principles

  1. Autonomy as a principle of ethics assumes a certain level of respect for persons and their ability to take action that affect their health. As discussed in Chapter 2, we protect autonomy in four ways.
    Define informed consent. What are the key issues for the healthcare administrator (HCA) with respect to informed consent? How do the HIPAA laws affect the duties of the HCA?
  2. Nonmaleficence and Beneficence are viewed as inseparable principles. These two areas are central to a trust-based healthcare system because they are assumed by society and individuals to be the pillars of practice.
    Define nonmaleficence and beneficence. How does your work at a healthcare administrator affect nonmaleficence for patients? What does beneficence have to do with operating a healthcare organization?

Each question needs to be 150 words each. APA format Due date is Sat. February 14, 2015. If you can not make this deadline do not take the project.

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