Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication
In the healthcare field, we face difficult barriers to effective communication. As our world shrinks, we are constantly in contact with patients, colleagues, or customers from culturally diverse backgrounds, and we must improve our communication skills.Let Us Take Care of Your Nursing Essays!
The Role of Nursing in Bridging the Gap Between Hospital Managers and Physicians
Improving in the Medical Field
Answer the questions below in a Microsoft Word document with at least five sentences per question based on your research.

To answer the following questions, you must consider communicating with a healthcare professional colleague:
What might be the barriers to effective communication with a culturally diverse health care professional colleague? How can these impediments impact patient outcomes when effective communication is critical?

What are your assumptions about a healthcare professional colleague you don’t know well? How will these assumptions affect your communication if your customs differ from those of your healthcare professional colleague and you do not fully understand their customs?
To increase team unity and motivation, how can you overcome language barriers or make assumptions that are not based on facts? What importance do you place on taking responsibility and improving your cultural competence?

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Now consider a conversation with a patient or a customer and respond to the following questions:
What specific language barriers might you encounter when communicating with a patient or customer who speaks limited English? When there are language barriers, how can you gather information or educate?
How do you deal with patients who have opposing values or traditions based on their religion or culture? Patients of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, for example, may refuse blood products, while those of other religions may not eat pork. How do you communicate with the dietary department to adjust dietary restrictions in a collaborative manner?

What are the advantages of a healthcare organization providing cultural awareness and training to all employees in order for them to better understand and accept others? Does your current or previous employer offer cultural awareness training? If not, what advice would you give to your management team?
Choose another culture and describe how that culture deals with death and mourning.
Effective Obstacles
Give examples to back up your answers.
Cite any sources using the APA style.

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