Assignment: Health Care Delivery Services

Assignment: Health Care Delivery Services essay assignment

Assignment: Health Care Delivery Services essay assignment

Describes methods for promoting health care delivery services in a rural community and justifies methods with supporting evidence.

Culturally Sensitive, Evidence-Based Strategies for Working with A Diverse Rural Population

Explains culturally sensitive, evidence-based strategies for working with a diverse rural population, including forms of communication and alternative forms of health care. Assignment: Health Care Delivery Services

Potential Barriers to Health Care for A Rural Community Population

Explains potential barriers to health care for a rural community population and considers the expected outcomes if barriers are not overcome, or describes evidence-based strategies to overcome barriers.

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Recommended Strategies and Techniques for An Interdisciplinary Health Care Team Working with A Rural Community Population

Recommends evidence-based communication strategies and techniques for an interdisciplinary health care team working with a rural community population and explains how good communication will result in quality health care outcomes.

The health system of the United States with either Germany, France, or Japan.
Students are to find a minimum of four (4) current peer-reviewed resources published within the last 5-7 years.

Paper criteria includes:
What are the benefits/limitations of their health care system vs. the United States system?
What issues are faced by each system related to:
Cost of health care?
Is the overall health of this country’s population better or worse compared to the United States?
Benchmarks can be used, such as: infant mortality rates, mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, life expectancy for males and females, percentage of people with normal body mass, etc.
What percentage of GDP (gross domestic product) does each country spend on health care expenditures?
Does a larger percentage automatically mean better health care? Explain why or why not.