ACN Assessment 3: Reflective essay assignment

ACN Assessment 3: Reflective essay assignment

ACN Assessment 3: Reflective essay assignment

Assessment criteria

You will be marked against the criteria in the marking rubric for reflective essay.

Assessment 3: Reflective essay

Weighting: 35%


  • RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE The student Integrates research and evidence based practice and professional standards into the reflection process
  • EVALUATION AND CRITICAL THINKING The student reflects upon their learning to guide clinical practice and enhance patient outcomes in accordance with ACN guidelines

Having progressed through the content in Theme 2 of this subject you will have an improved understanding of reflective practice and how it benefits you as an experiential learner, role model and clinical teacher.

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate this knowledge by reflecting on a ‘critical incident’, enabling you to ‘reflect on action’.

For this assessment you must choose a ‘critical incident’ from your clinical practice (or clinical placement, if applicable) that was significant to you, and analyse it using a critical reflection framework of your choice. In theme 2 of the subject you will find some models of critical reflection to choose from.

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In the context of this assessment, ‘critical’ means that the incident had meaning for you, not that it was an emergency situation such as a cardiac arrest. It may have been a miscommunication or adverse event, which had an impact on you, causing you to reflect on the event. The experience may have resulted in new learning and/or a change in practice.

Throughout your reflection, you are expected to refer to the Registered nurse standards for practice (NMBA 2016), or your own specialty practice standards.

APPLICATION OF SPECIALTY KNOWLEDGE TO PRACTICE The student demonstrates enhanced knowledge and skills related to professional practice (Applies an expert level of professional practice using an appropriate model of reflection) 20marks

ANALYSIS The student analyses their actions, reactions and feelings in the context of their professional practice (Critically analyses feedback to critique own professional practice [including professional competency standards] • extensively analyses strengths and weaknesses and plans for ongoing professional development) 25marks

ACN Assessment 3: Reflective essay assignment

Theme 2

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