Use of Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes

View the CBS Video Gov’t Flags Anti-psychotic Drugs at Nursing Homes (CBS News, 2011) and read the article Interventions to Reduce Inappropriate Prescribing of Antipsychotic Medications in People with Dementia Resident in Care Homes: A Systemic Review. (Coon, et. al, 2014) Answer the following questions in your discussion post:


1.     When is it appropriate to administer antipsychotic drugs to older adults?


2.     Which mental disorders may require the use of antipsychotic drugs for effective treatment?


3.     What process should nursing homes follow to determine if antipsychotic drugs are necessary for treatment of older adults?


4.     What is the responsibility of the nursing home to inform the family of the resident?


5.     Should consent be required prior to prescribing antipsychotic drugs?


Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Use APA style to cite your sources.


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