Technology and the market

1. Discuss a number of uses to which technology is put to monitor workplace activity. What are the fundamental ethical dilemma(s) raised by this use?

2. Discusses a number of uses to which technology is put to market products, by bypassing conscious thought and deliberation, to children and adults. What are the fundamental ethical dilemmas raised by this use?

3. What sorts of challenges does the value of sustainability create for businesses? Research several corporations or industries whose operations have substantial effects on the environment, or otherwise use or destroy nonrenewable natural resources. Discuss the fundamental ethical dilemmas raised for the corporation or industry.

4. Examine fully and critically the legal doctrine of Employment at Will. A contrasting legal doctrine would be one requiring that employees be discharged only for Just Cause, the law only in the State of Montana. Discuss the ethical dilemma created by these alternative standards for legally permissible discharge of employees.

5. Research the concepts of “fair wage” “minimum wage” and living wage. Fully explore the ethical dilemmas present in deciding how to determine employee compensation, with special attention to the value of living wages, as defined in various living wage campaigns.

6. Research the uses to which knowledge of the genetic makeup of individuals, racial or ethnic groups, or other demographics groups, may be put. Consider the ethical dilemmas that arise in developing techniques of genetic investigation, marketing those techniques, or providing genetic reports on individuals or groups as a business.

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