Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems

Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems

Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems
Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems: Based on the assigned reading for Module 1, describe how changes in healthcare delivery in the United States have influenced the current health care system positively or negatively. Include examples in your response.
Quality Control in Healthcare Systems
Every organization has a manager. They use management principles to address basic organizational needs. For managerial activities, systems thinking provides a useful paradigm and structure. Quality initiatives and excellent customer service improve any organization’s operations and potential for success. This chapter provides an overview of all three topics: management, systems thinking, and quality improvement.
When employees understand and support their employer’s management activities (in addition to challenging and trying to improve them), the organization is better able to move quickly and efficiently to improve processes and outcomes. Employees are also more invested in their organization and feel more empowered at work. Employees become management’s allies rather than its victims. Individuals must understand and participate in fulfilling the management functions of their employer’s organization for these reasons. This applies to all employees in a given organization, regardless of their position.

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