Poster project Complementary & Alternative medicine

The American Association for Colleges of Nursing state that a BSN prepared nurse should be able to create a poster presentation. Your final will involve creating a poster presentation for your practice area on a CAM approach that might benefit your patient population OR your peers. Consider your unique practice area. Then identify either a patient/family need OR nursing staff need that might respond well to a specific CAM approach. Create a Poster presentation on the topic that includes:

  • A description of the problem you want to address such as stress among nurses, nausea in cancer patients, insomnia in rehab patient, anxiety in pediatric surgery patients etc…
  • An overview of the specific CAM therapy you think might work. This can come from your readings, articles, or a credible website like NCCAM.
  • What the research shows. This can be a paragraph or it can be bulleted. (You need at least 3 research articles- one can be on CAM in general- 2 should be on your topic).
  • Your proposal & goal : This will be individualized but in general should include what you exactly would like to see done and what you want to accomplish
  • Implementation plan. This will be individualized but in general should include what you exactly would like to see done and what steps would be needed to make that happen in your area. Include any ethical issues that must be addressed.
  • References cited APA style (minimum of 5).  Don’t forget  to put a title and your name on the poster

Submit your presentation on the Final Poster discussion forum by Wednesday Midnight.  This presentation should be concise and visually appealing. While I have given general guidelines of what to include, you need to decide how much to include. If you have a different way you want to approach this poster, please feel free to discuss it with me in advance. How to make a poster instructions from PowerPoint are attached as well as two exemplar student projects. You may also want to watch the U tube video on how to make a poster from the University of Northern Colorado (see below), but feel free any software you are comfortable with.

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