Post Discussion: Medicaid Planning: Ethical or Not

Post Discussion: Medicaid Planning: Ethical or Not

Post Discussion: Medicaid Planning: Ethical or Not
Medicaid Planning: Ethical or Not: As older people and their families became more aware of the high cost of long-term care, middle-class families discovered ways to qualify for Medicaid (Moody & Sasser, 2014).
Families have attempted to avoid the harsh requirements of Medicaid spend-down by divesting their assets, often in order to leave an inheritance to their children.
Critics argue that this type of Medicaid planning is socially irresponsible. Critics argue that when Medicaid spend-down becomes a form of estate planning, it is a way of defrauding the government and wasting public funds intended for those in genuine poverty (Moody & Sasser, 2014).
Elder law attorneys, on the other hand, believe that families should realistically plan ahead for nursing home costs, which may include Medicaid. Planning ahead of time to qualify for Medicaid, they believe, is neither immoral nor illegal (Moody & Sasser, 2014).
Medicaid Planning: Ethical or Not?
Take a stand for or against Medicaid planning in your post and defend it.
Support your claims with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA format.
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The Ethics of Nursing Home Placement
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