Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics Assignment

Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics Assignment

Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics Assignment

Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics Assignment

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Please please provide 1 page, explaining the 4 points bellow. Needs to have 3 references from nursing articles less than 5 yrs old

To understand prescribing, it is necessary to understand how drugs interact with the human body’s biochemical processes. In order for drugs to reach their specific sites of action, certain physiologic and chemical actions and reactions must take place. This unit will allow you to understand the science behind prescribing. The elderly, pediatric, and pregnant/nursing women have physiologic changes that alter the processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of drugs. These principles will be explored to provide for safe prescribing practice.

Describe the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination process of drugs in the body.
Discuss the process of a drug reaching steady state concentration in the body.
Apply the principles of pharmacokinetics to the elderly, pediatrics, and pregnant/nursing women.
Discuss the principles of pharmacogenomics.

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