Parkinson’s Disease Analysis Assignment

Parkinson’s Disease Analysis Assignment

You will be required to write a 3-5 page paper on the disease of your choice. Please include at least three references and definitions to any medical terms used in the paper. Your disease topic can not count as one of your terms. It is very important that your terms are complete and are not word parts. They also should not be copied from the text or any other source. I need these definitions to be entirely in your own words so that I know that you understand the topic.

Parkinson’s Disease Analysis Assignment Topics Include:

· What causes this disease?

· How is it transmitted if it is transmittable?

· What are the symptoms?

· What are the treatments/cures?

· What parts of the world is the disease found?

· Other general information

· Length – 3-5 pages single spaced in size 10 -12 font


· A minimum of 25 medical terms. Include an attached list of these medical terms and definitions on a separate page. Any abbreviations used must be explained or clarified.-

· A minimum of 3 references are to be used. List your sources on a separate page titled References. It is strongly recommended that your references are not ALL from internet

· It is to be written entirely in your own words and will be dropped in the dropbox where the turn it in program will ensure that it is your own words. I do not want anything copied and pasted or quoted from your sources. I need to know that you fully understand your topic.

· Each of your glossary terms should be taken from your report and should be fully defined on a separate page, again in your own words. If you use a mnemonic such as ESRD you must fully define it. ESRD does not mean end stage renal disease. It means a disease of the kidneys where the function is so compromised that that they are no longer able to filter out toxins on their own requiring the patient to use a dialysis machine to act for their kidneys. The topic of your report can not be one of your glossary terms. You can not use graphs or pictures in your report. sources. You cannot use your textbook as a source.-