Organizational Values and Codes of Ethics

The purpose of this assignment is to engage in critical thinking about organizational missions, values, and codes of ethics in order to interpret challenging ethical situations.


Using the Internet, identify several companies that interest you. Obtain information about the companies by reviewing their Web sites. Read the missions, value statements, and codes of ethics for at least two companies. Keep track of what you find, so you can cite your sources as you complete this assignment.

Next, locate and read at least three additional scholarly articles on mission statements, organizational values, and codes of ethics.

If needed, review the second study in Unit 3, Online Research Skills: Finding Resources, in order to locate and select articles.


Based on the unit readings and the articles you found in your research, write a four-page paper using the outline provided below, in which you:

  • Define missions, values, and codes of ethics, and explain the purpose of each.
  • Provide examples of a mission statement, a statement of organizational values, and a code of ethics you found in your research.
  • Recommend ideas important for RPZ Marketing to include in these structural components, based on the mission statements, organizational values, and codes of ethics you found.

In addition, analyze the relationship between values and ethics to:

  • Explain the ways they related to each other.
  • Describe a situation in which an employee of RPZ might face a conflict between the company’s organizational values and its code of ethics, and it might be resolved.

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