Oncology: Nursing Management in Cancer Care

The oncology clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is asked to develop a staff development program for registered nurses who will be administering chemotherapeutic agents. Because the nurses will be administering a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs to oncology patients, the CNS plans on presenting an overview of agents, classifications, and special precautions related to the safe handling and administration of these drugs. (Learning Objectives 6 and 8)

  1. What does the CNS describe as the goals of      chemotherapy?
  2. How should the CNS respond to the following question:      “Why do patients require rounds of chemotherapeutic drugs, including      different drugs and varying intervals?”
  3. In teaching about the administration of      chemotherapeutic agents, what signs of extravasation should the nurse      include?
  4. What clinical manifestations of myelosuppression,      secondary to chemotherapy administration, should the CNS include in this      program?

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