Nursing in the Community

Write a short response to the following questions total of 50 points. Post in Assignments by November 9 at 10:00pm.

1a. You are a new public health nurse in your county health department. What are five questions you would want to ask about your community that would assess the health of the population? (5 points)






b. You find out during orientation that cancer and diabetes are the two highest causes of death in the county. Find two objectives from the Healthy People (HP) 2020 list they would address these two issues and include the baseline information provided by HP 2020. (2 points)

1. Objective HP2020:

2. Objective HP 2020:

c. Select either cancer or diabetes and identify a primary, secondary and tertiary intervention that the public health nurses could take to address that concern. (3 points)




2. You do a home visit with a new mother who recently arrived from Panama and was just discharged after delivery. Through an interpreter she asks how to provide newborn infant care. What cultural issues do you want to consider working with this family? What are three basic newborn care instructions that you would want to emphasize? How would you evaluate the mom’s learning? Write your response as if you are talking in the home. (15 points)

3. Your next home visit is to an 80 year old man Mr. G. who has a sixth grade education. He has been in and out of the hospital several times in the past 2 months for congestive heart failure. You are asked to determine if he is taking his medication and following his sodium restricted diet. You wonder if he has any health literacy issues impacting his care. How will you assess his needs? Conduct your assessment and provide instructions as if you are talking to Mr. G. (15 points)

4. You return to the office and your supervisor tells you that the board of commissioners has met and they want to start a free or reduce fee clinic in the elementary school in your visiting area. What activities or steps would you need to consider to implement this request? How would you evaluate this service? (10 points)

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