Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice

Utilizing the Clinical Focus and Clinical Guideline that was approved in Unit 4, develop a PowerPoint® presentation addressing the clinical focus of concern, the evidence based solution to the problem, and how the clinical might be implemented in a specific clinical setting.



Describe WHY this practice problem is of significance to nursing.

Identify the current specific standardized guideline selected for use in this Project and that addresses the problem.

Provide a Working Link to the Clinical Guideline.


Describe the quality of the clinical guideline

Identify the authors of the guideline and describe how the guideline was developed.

Address the credentials and credibility of the developers of the guideline.

Analyze the quality of the research base supporting the guideline, best practice, or bundle since it was published. What new research has been published in support of the guideline?

Provide a summary of the current best evidence for use in practice

Identify the best evidence that supports the standardized guideline, best practice, or bundle. (The research that has been completed that provides the evidence that supports the guideline, best practice, or bundle). Identified from references of the guideline, best practice, or bundle chosen

Briefly summarize at least SIX (6) research articles providing this support. (3 each) Look for meta-analyses, integrative reviews of research, clinical trials, and quasi-experimental studies related to the chosen topic.

Utilize the evidence table to identify the levels of evidence each research study represents.

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