Importance of Health Promotion for Family Nurse Practitioners

Importance of Health Promotion for Family Nurse Practitioners Essay

Importance of Health Promotion for Family Nurse Practitioners

Among family nurse practitioners, a new approach termed health promotion is gradually becoming the dominant philosophy. The impetus behind this movement is a need to standardize concepts like patient management and caregiving procedures that emphasize community involvement and group or community-based caregiving as opposed to solo or small-group caregiving.

Not many actual nurses have started thinking this way yet. But many powerful people in medicine have pushed for health education in schools.

An Overview of the Health Promotion Model

Although primary, family-centered health promotion involves all of the work that nurses do to improve the health of populations as a whole as well as the health of specific groups and individuals. This theoretical framework provides a framework for nurse practitioners to think in terms of community and public health.

Nola Pender Ph.D., an RN, professor, and Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, developed the health promotion paradigm to supplement preexisting beliefs. [1] The framework teaches nurse practitioners to see their patients’ health as dynamic and adaptable and to decipher the impact of their clients’ environments on their health.

Pender built the notion on these three pillars: one’s uniqueness, the results of one’s behaviors, and the consequences of one’s unconsciously held beliefs. The results of customers’ unconscious mental processes are important in determining their level of engagement with wellness programs, one of the tenants. By applying the principles of health promotion, nurses can influence this trait in their patients to improve health, functioning, and results.

Benefits of Health Education for Working Professionals

Nurses at one facility reportedly thought health promotion was extremely important, according to a 2016 publication published by the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health. Some nurses were speaking generally, while others were implying that the answer relied on the patient’s state at the time.

According to the study’s nurses, establishing a connection with patients became more challenging as patients’ conditions worsened. Clinicians also noted that patient motivation played a role in the degree to which customers followed wellness initiatives. Despite these difficulties, the nurses said that health promotion was simpler in settings created using the health promotion approach.

Important Ideas in the Health Promotion Framework

Several key premises support the health promotion framework’s practical application. First, consumers want independence and have a dynamic, two-way interaction with their surroundings, one in which they both shape and are shaped by their immediate context. As a corollary, this also encompasses the sway that doctors and other healthcare workers have. Last but not least, the way in which the treatment environment is shaped affects the mental processes of the consumers.

Online nursing paper on the Importance of Health Promotion for Family Nurse Practitioners Essay paper

The health promotion model operates under a number of theoretical statements that guide practitioners in their study of health behavior, one of which states that consumers’ perceptions of barriers and how they affect their own self-image can either encourage or discourage them from engaging in wellness programs. This theoretical framework, along with a couple of others, defines the underlying beliefs that motivate health promotion efforts.

The Family Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Health Promotion

Organizations can benefit from the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) handbook, which is published by the National Business Coalition on Health (NCBH) to help with health promotion management. Health promotion is both an art and a science, according to the NCBH; it encourages people to follow their individual interests on the path to better health. Only a small fraction of the numerous useful resources out there for studying and organizing health promotion activities are included here.

Positive Effects on Community Health

“Promoting Health, Preventing Disease: An Economic Case,” a research in the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Series, examines the intangible costs and advantages of cultural norms in the workplace and wider society. Unchecked consumer smoking and rising healthcare expenses are two examples of failing behaviors and systems that can prompt legislative or other incontrovertible action.

In health promotion, the focus is on empowering people with the knowledge they need to make positive changes in their own lives, rather than simply treating the symptoms of a problem. Thus, nurses who use this approach equip patients with timely, accurate information backed by science.

The Importance of Having a Clear Philosophy of Care

When it comes to nurse-patient communication, health promotion is the cutting edge of current thought. Although organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) disseminate data on treatment strategies, not all nurse practitioners have access to these materials [6].

As a result of their work experiences, nurses have unique perspectives on providing care. Without current materials, medical professionals are forced to rely on their own knowledge and past experiences to treat patients. Because of this, top officials in charge of an organization’s health must equip nurse practitioners with the tools they need to improve and sustain the health of their communities.

No one in the medical profession has yet taken the initiative to advocate for health promotion policies. Still, there are many who advocate for consumer health and aim to achieve this. Nurse practitioners have the potential to influence medical institutions to adopt the practice.

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