1. More recently, nutrition programs have begun offering medical nutrition therapy for older adults who are nutritionally at risk or malnourished.


2. Home-delivered meal programs have shown that recipients have more physical limitations, are less socially isolated, and have similar incomes than those who attend congregate meal programs


3. Lack of private transportation makes shopping assistance an important service under the Older Americans Act program.


4. Home-delivered meals in most communities are provided by government agencies funded under the OAA.


5. The Seniors Farmer Market program provides coupons to low-income elders, aged 60 and older, with incomes not greater than 185% of the federal poverty rate.


6. Older adults who lack an understanding about what constitutes a legal problem or how laws originate may not be able to identify that a legal remedy exists when problems occur


7. Under the OAA legislation, congregate meal programs were required to provide at least one hot meal five or more days a week in a congregate setting, adult day program, or multigenerational site including in rural areas and where it is deemed feasible.


8. Home-delivered meal participants are a more frail and at-risk population than those who attend congregate meal programs.


9. Elder abuse includes physical, psychological, and financial abuse as well as neglect


10. Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a service in place that assists low-income older adults over 60 years of age.


11. Personal care tasks, commonly referred to as activities of daily living (ADLs), include tasks such as bathing and grooming, toileting, dressing, and eating.


12. Home-management activities, or instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), include tasks such as shopping and preparing meals, doing housework, and handling personal finances.


13. Chronic conditions vary across different populations of older adults. Older women are more likely than older men to suffer from chronic arthritis, hypertension, incontinence and asthma


14. The older population is at one point or another affected by one or more chronic conditions, regardless of race and ethnicity


15. The disparities in health can be associated to the social economic status of the different groups rather than on their ethnic or racial status.

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