Executive vs. Non-executive Pay

Contrast the principle difference between executive pay and non-executive pay, including a discussion on controversies associated with the growing disparity between executive and non-executive compensation packages.


Recommended Readings

  1. Read the following journal articles for further insight into this week’s topics:
    • Gordon, J.N. (2005). Executive compensation: If there’s a problem, what’s the remedy? The case for “compensation discussion and analysis”. Journal of Corporation Law, 30(4), 675-702. Retrieved from the Proquest database.
    • Harris, J. (2009). What’s wrong with executive compensation? Journal of Business Ethics: Supplement, 85, 147-156. (Document ID: 1655246711). Retrieved from the Proquest database.
    • Henderson, M.T., & Spindler, J.C. (2005). Corporate heroin: A defense of perks, executive loans, and conspicuous consumption. Georgetown Law Journal, 93(6), 1835-1883. Retrieved from the Proquest database.

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