Ethics Discussion Assignment.

Introduction: As a writing class, you are being exposed to a variety of writing styles. This writing styles could be called “Academic Listserv discourse”. Academics conduct discussions like this all the time. I now invite you to do the same.

Directions: For this assignment, respond to each of the three ethics cases (A B and C). For each case,
1) Create a thread that is at least 250 words long addressing the issue.
2) Comment on 2 of your peers’ threads (approximately 40 words each) that addresses

what you agree with and what you disagree with.

Overall, I expect you to write 1000 words at least.  Rather than write all of that initially, the objective is to get into a dialogue with others. Thus, you should make a comment, someone may respond to it, you may respond back to the response, etc. This is not a real time event so it does not matter when you write. But I would like you to have completed this assignment by the deadline listed in the syllabus.

Evaluation: I will grade you on your participation. Did you read someone else’s comments? Did you respond to them? Was it a thoughtful response? Did you attack the person in a rude or unprofessional manner (i.e., NET-etiquette is required!)?

NOTE: This hyperlink is linked to the first of three discussion topics on ethics. You have to go into one of the discussions on the Discussion Board to find the other two discussion topics.  Feel free to comment on one or all three of them.

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