Engaging Others with Leadership


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of methods to successfully engage others for a specific task. Using Second Life™ to present a team-based scenario, evaluation of the interactions will identify positive areas as well as areas which need to improve.

Course Outcomes:

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

CO #1: Analyze leadership qualities that facilitate collaboration and cooperation at the individual, team, community, and organizational levels within diverse healthcare settings to foster human health. (MPH PO #1, MSN PO # 1, 7)

CO #3: Develop personal and strategic communication modalities that foster negotiation, advocacy and positive work environments within diverse healthcare settings. (MPH PO #9, MSN PO #3)

CO #6: Analyze techniques that foster goal-directed decision-making that foster priority setting, innovation and dynamic interactions within diverse healthcare settings. (MPH PO #6, MSN PO #6, 8)

Due Date: Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week 4.

Total Points Possible: 200 points


Description of the Assignment

In this 5-8 page paper (not including the title or references pages in the page count), the introduction contains a few statements regarding leadership and engaging others. One potential concern that may occur while engaging others is noted. One potential positive outcome that may occur while engaging others is noted. The sections of the paper are identified.
Section One provides an explanation of the importance of leadership in engaging others including the role of leadership as well as challenges facing leadership while engaging others. In addition to potential role of teams or engaging others in the healthcare environment is presented. Scholarly references to support the information are required.

Section Two focuses on an evaluation of the team ability to accomplish tasks. The team, as presented in the scenario, should be evaluated for each of the following elements:

Ability to handle differences,

Maintaining team order,

Communication (both verbal and nonverbal), and

Team Cohesiveness.

Section Three is where you assume the role of supervisor in order to develop the team. The evaluation should include the following elements:

Overall summary of the discussion and team interactions as presented in the scenario

Discussion of three non-productive actions demonstrated during the scenario

Discussion of one potential cause for the team dysfunction

Discussion of two actions that can foster teams with multiple generations to work as a productive group

Discussion of two actions that can foster teams with multiple disciplines to work as a group Scholarly support for actions is required.
Summary of this paper identifies the key points from the information provides as well as insights gained (what was learned) regarding engaging others with leadership.

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