Drug reactivity, addiction and application of F tests

Describe the synapse of a terminal button onto a dendritic membrane.

—Indicate at least six ways that a drug can affect synaptic transmission.

—Compare the changes in drug reactivity that are noted in tolerance and sensitization.

—Provide an explanation for each effect.

—Locate and read a recent, full-text article from the Capella Library on a drug (for example, heroin or Prozac), its behavioral correlates, and its place in the pharmacopoeia.

—Based on your literature review and the text readings, summarize the major effects of the drugs, and link these effects to the various receptors that have been identified in brain. Distinguish between physical and psychological addiction.

—Cite your source using standard APA guidelines.

—Identify a research question from your professional life or career specialization that can be addressed by a one-way ANOVA.

—Indicate why a one-way ANOVA would be the appropriate analysis for this research question.

—Describe the variables and their scale of measurement.

—Discuss the expected outcome.

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