Discussion:Nursing care for Ascites

Discussion:Nursing care for Ascites

Discussion:Nursing care for Ascites

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nursing care for ascites
Write the nursing care provided for a patient with liver cihrrosis admitted
Mr. A is a 50-year-old male liver cirrhosis patient admitted for ascites. His medical history shows that he has type2 diabetes mellitus upper GI bleed and excessive alcohol use for approximately 20 years. Upon admission he appeared confused not orientated to time and place abdominal distention inability to concentrate and dyspnea. On examination his blood pressure was 130/80 mm Hg pulse of 80 beats per minutes apyrexial no bleeding tendency and yellow discolouration all over his skin. He is oedematous and his current overall body weight stands at 120kg. Despite these issues Mr. A is eating and drinking well and his vital signs are relatively stable.
critically analyse and evaluate the two nursing care provided for a patient admitted for ascites( please address as if it was provided rather than what should be done)
Evaluate the rationale with relation to the pathophysiology of what the patient is presenting
Compare the nursing care with other nursing interventions designed for what patient is presenting
Suggest with evidence how the nursing care could have been implemented different to get a better result
Evaluate lesson learnt.

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