Discussion:Highly Group-oriented People

Discussion:Highly Group-oriented People

Discussion:Highly Group-oriented People

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Great post Richard, i can also add that , Carteret (2011) in her article on Cultural values of Asian patients and families, she mentions that Asians tend to be highly group-oriented people who place a strong emphasis on family connection as the major source of identity and protection against the hardships of life. I have interacted with Asians American immigrants from India and Philippines before and I totally agree with this statement. They are family oriented kind of people and their main focus is the family. When interviewing a 20 year old Asian American, Carteret (2011) emphasizes that one need to establish the professional role and assume authority, check for understanding, be patient and consider periods of silence opportunities for reflection, provide clear and full information, be attentive to nonverbal cues, address immediate needs and give concrete advice and reach consensus by compromising. One more point I like from her article, (Carteret, 2011), is that an intentional lack of directness in conversation is favored by people from many Asian cultures because preserving harmony between people is often more important than getting at the exact “truth”. “Checking for understanding when communicating with Asian patients/families is critical,” Ms. Carteret says. “It is all too easy to misinterpret a common gesture as agreement or understanding when the patient is actually confused or even resistant to a diagnosis/treatment.


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